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Nail Polish - Long Wear Top Coat | Hanami
Nail Polish - Long Wear Top Coat | Hanami
Nail Polish - Long Wear Top Coat | Hanami

Nail Polish - Long Wear Top Coat | Hanami

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A hard wearing top coat, that helps to extend the life of your mani, adds vibrance and incredible shine! 

Apply one coat of Long Wear Top Coat after your colour polish is completely dry, always sweeping the brush across the top ridge of the nail to seal. Allow to dry for 4-5 minutes. You can also use this regularly between manis to refresh colour and optimise shine

Hanami 'PLANT POLISH' - a revolutionary vegan nail polish formula!

Made from 82% naturally sourced ingredients such as sugarcane, cotton, corn and cassava!

10 Free (non toxic), breathable, water permeable

Certified vegan and cruelty free with CCF and PETA, plus it's 100% Australian made and owned! 

Better beauty - for you & for the environment!

We are so excited to be launching our revolutionary new 'Plant Polish' today —a formula made from naturally derived ingredients (such as corn, cotton, sugarcane and potato) - rather than petrochemicals. Cool huh!

Plant Polish contains 82% plant sourced, sustainable ingredients, is breathable, water permeable, 10 free (non toxic), as well as certified vegan, cruelty free, and Australian made.

The long list of toxic ingredients that make up a standard nail polish have frightening implications on our health and the environment, so it's always been my mission to create a safer alternative.

When Hanami first launched in 2016 our polishes were '7 free' meaning the seven harshest ingredients in nail polish were stripped out of the formula.

In 2017 we found a way to remove even more of the troubling chemicals and moved to a '10 free' formula but still I dreamt of finding a way to make Hanami nail polishes even 'greener'—and now we have it!

Plant Polish is available in 49 shades, with a perfect two coat colour coverage and a super impressive drying time.