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Petal Earring | Navy | Middlechild

Petal Earring | Navy | Middlechild

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Pretty as a petal, these dangles feature the lovely combination of textured brass and a brightly coloured acrylic floral component, topped off with enamel studs.
Perfect for Summer. And Spring. Who are we kidding, she's a winner all months of the year.

Available in Purple, Blue or Orange.

- Stainless steel studs
- Petal measures 6.5cm

Middle Child is a new sibling brand created by designer Lauren Hassett of established leather goods label Oktoberdee. Since being established back in 2005 Oktoberdee has gradually evolved into two distinct lines, leather goods and hand-crafted jewellery. In 2018 Middle Child launched to bring clarity to each brand as well as seizing the moment to drive a new fresh aesthetic into the jewellery pieces. With over 15 years experience creating earrings and other jewellery Lauren’s designs are endlessly inspired by areas other than fashion, be it a mid-century lamp, a floor rug or an unusual plant.  The micro scale of our business means we are able to experiment with new materials and designs each and every week. Every time you visit you will likely see new designs being showcased. Our production is always limited edition too, its nice to have something that you won't see everywhere else. Don't you think?