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Large Sphere Candle | Burgundy | Fazeek

Large Sphere Candle | Burgundy | Fazeek

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Our new Large Burgundy Sphere Candles creates the perfect graphic and architectural element for your dining table and home. Hand poured with 100% pure plant based wax, using natural dyes and a cotton, lead free wick.

All our Sphere Candles are unscented and have a 10cm diameter. They have a 52hour burn time and due to the natural  they have a clean, long lasting burn that's good for the environment.

Each eco- friendly sphere candle is handmade and crafted in a World Fair Trade Organization factory.

+52 burning hours.

About Fazeek

Fazeek is a contemporary beauty and homewares brand from Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2017, Fazeek creates hand-crafted, stylish products that are ethical and cruelty-free. Our candles, soaps and liquid products are all vegan, ethically-sourced and hand-crafted,so you can feel good while they look great.